Good Morning Dear

Good Morning Dear

Rings: AvaWay – Sammy Rings
Panties: Candydoll – Dolly Room Gacha – Dolly Rose Panties

Hair: The Shops – Sextape
Nails: E.Marie – Frisky Pixie

Pose: Imitation – Emilie
Swirls: Plastik – Cleri Swirls
Room, Furniture, Decor: Candydoll – Dolly Room Gacha
Glitter Balloon: Apple Fall – Confetti Balloon
On Bed:
Backpack: Eliavah – Omnipresence Backpack
Champagne: ChicChica – Champagne
Bunny Bread: Plastik – Kawaii Okashi Gacha
Plate with Candy: La Baguette – Plateau Arlequins
On Desk:
Tea: Olive – The Buntea Mug
Plate: Bananan – Tea Set
Deer Statue: Moss & Mink – Deer Gift
On Trunks:
Pencils & Ink: keke – Pencils and Pens, Ink (Group Gift)
Horse Statue: Apple Fall – Plaster Horse


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