ivy. at fashion voodoo

hellooooo everyone :3

while this is being posted i am happily bathing in the sun enjoying my vacation…. >:]

so i hope the auto post worked out right, because there is no way i can check haha :D

TODAY the fashion voodoo has opened it’s doors, which is an awesome event where you can hatch some exclusive items from loads of cool designers! :D and the best thing is: all those items are 50% off the normal price! :OOO wooooot x)

here’s the LM to FASHION VOODOO.

the item i made is a cute, flowery piercing. it comes with a texture change HUD including 32 jewels and 2 pearls for the gems. two versions are available: metals and colours (referring to the textures of the metal parts) which are priced at only 100L each! :3

metals: black, silver, white, gold, ivory

colours: yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, midnight, teal, green

and now: ENOUGH talking… here’s my item picceeeeh:

ivy. - Piercing Lily with HUD for Fashion Voodoo (Aug. 10th)


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