summer storm ❤

Skin: Yoon Skin – Anna – Sunkissed – Natural Cleavage – NEW ❤

Hair: Action – Trudy – Coal

Piercing: ivy. – Piercing Vara

Shirt: Shabby Cat – Pastimes (pink/purple/black) – NEW ❤

Skirt: Jane – mini skirt – hadlee denim – ebony

Jewelry: Amorous – Antiquarian Lipsmacked – Groupgift

Bra: LeeL – Katz

Nails: Sexy Mamas – Prim Nails

Ears: Plastik – Arkenea Ears – Cute

Shoes: PM – Baby T’s Plain 2.0 – Black

Yoon is a skincreator definitely worth checking out. the face is just perfect and the reflections on the body are soooo beautiful! also the pack comes with 2 lipstick options (natural and red) and several options are included on tattoo layers (teeth, freckles, eyebrows…). ❤

another thing i’m very happy to tell you about, is something i just realized (sometimes things reach me very slowly, so it’s probably not very new :D ) but anyways.. for those of you who knew mariposa, she seems to be back and opened a new store named amorous! :O i was really excited when i noticed, and then there’s the most beautiful groupgift. Thank You! ❤

And last, but not least, as promised some new shirts from Shabby Cat! there’s a lot of colours available, and they’re really nice loose fitting, without looking too baggy. :D


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