OMG Bubble Panda! :O

I know it’s a bit crazy and all but i’m in a happy summer mood and things like that sometimes come out.. xD

Bra: – Cutieh Undie Pink Zebra

Shorts: miel – Fit Shorts bright

Paint: twee – Hands On

Ring: S u g a r – Mesh Glitter Gun Ring – XYROOM

Shoes: SANTO – Warthogs – FREE

Panda Bits: LEO-NT – Panda Ear + Tail gumdrops

Hair: Truth – Mariska

Piercing: ivy – Piercing Summer

Necklace + Bracelet: miel – Friendo bracelet / necklace

Bubblegum: Pink Fuel – Yum Bubblegum!

Skin: Al Vulo– Sally – pink olive

Eyes: Esuga – Tidepool Eyes – Marina


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